Saturday, 3 August 2013

Matrimonial Flora

Our wedding feels like a long time ago now, but I have just got our photos back and very happy to relive that most wonderful time.

I enjoyed planning for the wedding a lot, and between my mum and I, we managed to do a lot of things ourselves to make it wonderfully personal.

We just had a small guest list for our ceremony and reception dinner, so it was not too much of an overwhelming task to do the tables ourselves. I managed to collect lots and lots of glass jugs and vases from the charity shops, the odd one each week did the trick, and mum grew a lot of the flowers in her garden. Unfortunately because of the late start to spring this year, not everything was ready - but mum did a good job of finding some lovely sweet peas and freesias and cornflowers and roses and carnations - and of course lots of gypsophelia-  from roadside stalls, the supermarket and the florist. It was nice that the vision was quite a relaxed garden flower type theme as this meant that we could just enjoy picking what we liked and it was such a lovely activity for the day before the wedding to keep my nerves at bay!

 photo IMG_0159_zpsaee7dad9.jpg

And here is a lovely picture our hosts at the pub tweeted - they said that the dining room had never looked prettier.

Owly Images

And Liz and I made our own bouquets which made them extra special for us - and suited our outfits too.

 photo IMG_9644_zps334caadd.jpg

So lovely all these flowers. xx

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