Friday, 9 August 2013

Liberty Mouse

Just recently it was my birthday, and i was instructed to ask for things just for me (not for the house, and not for the baby) One of the biggest treats for me is some liberty fabric, and so mum and dad gave me this beautiful piece of Poppy and Honesty. It is the same fabric as Liz's bridesmaid dress, but a different colourway (this was my favourite of everything i saw, but too autumnal for a june bridesmaid i thought)


And Rich knows what a treat this for me too and gave me a voucher to go and choose a piece myself. We popped to London on tuesday and it was definitely a treat to have a good browse of all the beautiful fabrics on offer. In the end, and with Rich's guidance (not too curtainy) i went for this lovely piece. I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it online, but it is lovely in real life. I think it is called Thorpe T or maybe Thorpe H. I'm not sure entirely, but it doesn't matter too much.


I tried to go for some darker fabrics, as i have stocked up well on summer dresses now, and realise this season won't last forever. These will be such a treat come autumn!

And luckily there were also enough funds on my gift card for a liberty mouse!


Hip hip hooray! Treats all round xxx

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