Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Blooming Marvellous

Having an ever changing body at the moment is really keeping me on my dressmaking toes! I am quite limited with what i can wear from my wardrobe at the moment, but there are a few little gems which are seeing me through (my betsy dress and this old faithful yellow tent dress and this little gem are my new best friends!)

And here are a couple more new(ish) items which I am really getting a lot of wear from (made during wedding fever with no time to blog) They use the same tent dress pattern as my new checked dress, but just changing the fabric has given them their own styles.

DSC02355 DSC02353 DSC02352

This lovely daisy dress i really adore. i just love the fabric. It is a lawn cotton so is really light and floaty and although identical to my other tent dresses, the drape of the fabric seems to totally change the style.


 And this one is made with a crisp cotton, but as the fabric was quite narrow i had to streamline the shape and wear with a belt. This is definitely a good one for getting a seat on the train!

I bought a little basic stretchy skirt from H&M last week so I am hoping this will open up some new possibilities for me.


And for now I have this remnant to play with - there is a metre and a half and I am hoping perhaps a tunic and skirt would be a nice change? I will let you know what happens! xx

Emilia. xx


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