Thursday, 3 June 2010

The day– Thursday 3rd June 2010- by Bird

Last night I had a wonderful time on a boat on the Thames in the big London! The boat was stranded to the side, and at an angle so it gave an authentic feeling of seasickness and disorientation. I was there to see some bands from Willkommen collective (here is the myspace so you know what I mean The main one was called The Climbers and there were three violins which made me happy. That was my favourite sound to hear. There were violins in the other bands too, and they were all good too. And it was great because sometimes there was a feeling that people had dressed like pirates and were stamping their feet and I had some guinness so it was really a wonderful atmosphere below deck. I just saw the last thing I wrote yesterday was about Kate Moss in rowan designed knitwear on a boat! Following her steps, one at a time!

And now I will quickly mention someone I saw the night before. Her name was Nina Nastasia and this is her myspace: . She was at the Hand in Hand pub in Kemptown, which was very small and full of people, but made a nice atmosphere there too. It is really a lovely pub, with very old newspapers on the wall, like with Winston Curchill in. and from one beam in the ceiling there were a lot of ties pinned up to grand effect. It was crowded, but there was a little clear space in the corner for Nina Nastsaia and her guitar, and she just sang sweet songs that people asked her to sing. Her voice was very lovely. And she was nice to everyone too.

Those were two very nice musical evenings for me.

Yesterday afternoon I went into the sunshine of the afternoon to the Stitchery (that was subtle hyper-linking!) in the Riverside in Lewes (near to wear I work)(I just read how I wrote 'where' as "wear", I think I am thinking of dresses) and indulged (again) myself with (even more) fabric. I have a day of holiday tomorrow and am going to Lewes Psychedelic Festival (you can see about it here if maybe you want to go too tomorrow night, so if I can a dress with the fabric tomorrow, I think it will be the perfect one for a psychedelic event.

Here is a scan of the swatch.

I followed my heart with it, as it is quite yellow. It is designed by, I can't remember the name of them – but want to say derby house? But when I search on google for that it just gives me pictures of houses (probably in derby). I'll find out who it is soon then. Anyway, there were a few lovely rolls there, but this stood out to me as the loveliest. It is yellow though. so that was a risk. But I went for it, despite (to spite) my skintone. summer afterall!

While I was buying it I tried to have a conversation with the lady who works there. She was suffering hayfever though, but I thought she was suffering the heat, and everything she said I wasn't really listening and just said 'yes, it is quite hot'. I think she was talking about how the fabrics were in a mess, and I made a comment about the sun on the roof. It was a bit unrelated, and I think she found me strange and hard work so gave up on banter. I won't go back there for a while (for that and because I have spent my clothing budget for this month, no question!)
In other news, I just want to share with you this picture of the Missoni dress I saw in Vogue this month. I just think it's amazing.

A dress of your dreams

This weekend should be a grand one as I think I am going on a camping trip! If it stays hot and sunny, that will be a grand weekend indeed! This afternoon I am going to Eastbourne so I might go and sit on the beach there after work. That will be a change of the horizon I am used to in Brighton. Yesterday my bike bell and lights arrived, and the bell has a special feature – a compass! I was really pleased that it pointed to south directly at the sea! I know it is accurate. I have it here now and can tell you I am facing south at my desk (I should have known because I always have sun through my windows) it is fun to know my global positioning.

Much love to you for thus weekend,
Voyager. x

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