Wednesday, 2 June 2010

weekend gem, sewing a hem

Now i am back at work after the bank holiday weekend. that was hard to wake up this morning and yesterday! but a grand weekend was had. On the Monday we spent it in the park. despite there being a lot of clouds, and not so much sunshine, it was warm enough and a lovely day with friends and food and fresh air.

Saturday was the worst weather - but this was no bad thing as meant i didn't feel so guilty to stay at home and make a dress. (in fact a dress and three quarters) I started a powdery blue one, like a cornflower, but soon realised the fabric i had chosen (cotton drill) was too heavy and didn't hang at all well.  it was a good try out though, and on Sunday i got some (slightly) lighter weighted PURPLE fabric. I am not sure why i decided on purple, but it makes me happy to have a dress so royal and bright.

Here is the finished result!

The yoke is lined, but i decided to finish the neckline with some bias binding, and used some along the seam to make a little bow. It wasn't quite the same colour, but it worked out nicely i think. I was very pleased with my neat stitching too (that was done on the machine!)

Sorry for no make up and messy room!

You can't really see the length properly, but it stops at the bottom of that picture. Because of the style, shorter is better, but i managed to compromise a good length, just above my crooked knees!

The sleeves were a bit tricky. I put them in after sewing all the seams, but a lady at work told me a should have done them before and then done the seams last. i am not sure about that. I am just not very good at the easing part - but i don't mind ending up with a little puff sleeve. it is my preference.

I would like one of these in some floral - a really summery one. Next time i will e bolder in selecting a really lightweight cotton. It seems like it will be okay in the shop, but actually i think i have an aversion to flimsy fabrics. too much time making woollen tweed skirts! I might yet finish the blue one. it is nearly there now, and may be fine if i make it short. or i can use that fabric for a skirt. i know just the pattern!

Another subject:
While i am here and speaking of dress-making, i would just like to mention the dress i made from a scarf! This was during April, just before housemoving and so i was saving every penny for unforeseen circumstances!

This was just a cotton scarf which was a big floral cotton square. I just cut off the fringing and cut it into quarters, to make four panels which i shaped to create something not far off my tent dress! I was impressed there was enough fabric to make it big and long enough. then all i really did was to pin a piece of frill around the neck of headless Harriet (my doll) and fitted the panels to it, shaping the arm holes and finishing with bias binding. it was like doing sculpture - and came out a triumph! I think that was the first dress success i had without any pattern in sight. the joys of the dressmaker's doll! Headless Harriet, this one's for you.

I am enjoying being a model for all these pictures! i think it could be my vocation - like modelling for the knitting patterns. (that's where kate moss started from)

my mum has that pattern book (Rowan book 10) i think she made one of those.

i like this one on the boat!

Emilia . xxx

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