Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Challenge - Stitch Yourself

Today i am really excited because i found out about how i can get involved in an exhibition at the Science Museum, co-ordinated by Stitch London. It is for the museum's new 'Who am I' brain science and genetics gallery, and the idea for it is that you must make yourself in doll form and send it off and it will be part of an exhibit at the opening event evening. The evening is called 'The Science of You' and will have some other projects and art work but also includes some interactive exhibits which let you play with your age and gender and other things like that. The idea must be to think about how biology and science affect our identity.

This means that i am going to be scientific in my approach to my textile representation and am thinking about the important things i can include to make sure she is the essence of me. I think she will wear a yellow tent dress, and have a mouse on her shoulder. that will represent how i love the small creatures, probably it's genetically determined.

There is more information on the project and how to enter on the Stitch London page here:  http://www.stitchldn.com/stitchyourself.html

It will just be displayed at the opening event for one night, next Wednesday, but you can be a part of science museum history which i like the sound of! And also the Stitch London people say they will include each one on their blog which i also like the sound of. 

i really like the idea of making a little doll version of myself, and sending her off for an adventure and a life of fame. Once i knitted my Dad for his birthday. i'm not really sure what he thought about that though.

From reading the terms and conditions for entries, i have decided i must post on Thursday at the latest to be sure she arrives in time. This gives me a maximum of two evenings. It is really tight but I am excited to be taking the challenge!

Hip hooray!

Mini Me. xx

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